Архитектурное бюро Александры Федоровой
вид  со стороны входа в таунхаусы
внутренние дворики
въезд в поселок
малый тип таунхаусов
Виллы -дюплексы
вилла со стороны двора

The territory of the settlement from two sides adjacent to the reserve, which creates a unique atmosphere of privacy.

The majority of buildings are groups of townhouses done in the style of modern and contemporary architecture. Operated a flat roof and panoramic Windows gives an even bigger unity with nature. The village has two entrances for vehicles and pedestrian access to the recreation area on the territory of the reserve.

In the village there are two types of townhouses ranging from 160 m to 220 m, and two villas, with their areas and access to the forest. The townhouses have a height of 3 floors.

A constructive solution of the building is monolithic frame with brick infill.

In the facades used modern materials such as natural wood, stone, concrete.

Two villas located at the end of the village have a separate entrance from the side of the road. The building has two floors, with panoramic ostekleniem and a spacious terrace with outdoor fireplace. On the ground floor of residential and public part of the premises on the second floor the private zone of the bedrooms. The architecture of the house is made in the General style of the village.

Architectural Bureau Alexandra Fedorova


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