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Address: 119121 Moscow,  4-th Rostovsky lane, house 2, building 2

Phone for customers: +7 (495) 790 11 41

Phone for suppliers: +7 (915) 490-09-71


The philosophy of our architectural bureau is "TIMELESS" architecture and interior design which is up-to-date and relevant in any time, even in 10, 20, 30 years ... which is future proof and thus ever valuable. As opposed to the majority of design studios, our bureau applies architectural concepts to all our works, whether those be buildings, interiors, or interior design items. We create living environments for people in the form of volumetric and spatial compositions which may be supplemented by accessories, as and when necessary, but the essence of the space remains the same. We always provide personalized services for all our customers.  As a result, we and the customers all get what we want.  If you share our philosophy and aesthetics, we look forward to working with you! 

Alexandra Fedorova was born in Moscow.  From 2000 to 2004 she worked in UB Design studio as a lead architect.  From 2001-2004 she worked as an architect for SUE Moscow Research and Design Institute "Mosproekt 4".  Since 2004 she has been running an architectural bureau.
The bureau designs residential and public buildings and works in the field of interior design for residential and public facilities. It is well experienced in designing villas at the seaside.
- Apartment at "Alye Parusa" (2004) -
1-st prize in "Residential Interior" category at international architecture and design festival "Under the Roof of Home",

-Architecture Award 2003 winner;

- Apartment at Mozhayskoye shosse (2005) -Architecture Award 2005 nominee;

- Residential complex at Khodynskoye Pole in Moscow;

- Design of landscape, architectural and space planning concept for Lefortovo District;

- Housing development of Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts;

- Design of interiors for the special area in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

She took part in a competition for the design of a university building in Kharbin, review contest Expo 2010 (Moscow), Moscow City Council and Moscow Government competition for the design of a housing development for Moscow-City District.-interiors -

-1st prize for Next and Popsa radio station facility at Novinsky Gallery (2006) -
Architecture Award winner in the category "Best Public Interior"

- 1st prize, International Award "Present of Future" winner in the category "Best Completed Interior Project in Contemporary Style".

-Prizewinner at international architecture and design festival "Under the Roof of Home".

1st prize at the Architectural Design Contest "Beautiful Homes" 2011 in Crocus City for villa design in Sochi

2nd prize at the contest "Under the Roof of Home" at the House on Brestskaya Street for weekend retreat project at Mari El Republic.2012

1st prize at Pinwin contest in the category "Best Kitchen Interior Design" 2012

Special prize from Interior + Design magazine for the interior architecture 2012

2nd prize at the contest "Beautiful Homes" in the category Best Design for the project of suburban settlement at Minskoye shosse 2012

1st prize at Pinwin contest in the category Best Bathroom Design 2013

3rd prize at the contest "Under the Roof of Home" for the project of suburban settlement near Moscow 2013

1st prize at the contest "Beautiful Homes" in the category Best Design for the house in Taganrog 2013

1st prize at INTERIA AWARDS 2014 in the category Best Modern Country Home Interior Design for the country house with an area up to 300 m, 1st prize at PINWIN 2014 in the category "Best Modern Interior Design", Grand Prix at PINWIN 2014 in the category "Best Country Home Interior Design"

Bureau works have been published in the following magazines: SALON interior, Domus, Monitor, Project Russia, Interior Digest, Interior + Design, Wallpaper, Modern Home, Architectural Reporter, Beautiful Apartments.

Our extensive list of customers includes companies like OPIN (Open Investments), Podium, Euroset, Gazprom – Media, KR properties, Taurus Development and many others.



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